Donate To Net Impact Triad

Net Impact Triad is a nonprofit that serves as a conduit between local Triad businesses and community members to create collaborative and sustainable community initiatives. We provide the resources that businesses need to support their long-term contributions to community projects in Winston Salem.

Why Donate?

Your support is instrumental as we continue to connect businesses and community members in order to create collaborative and sustainable initiatives.
In fact, we are currently working on our “Connect the Dots” initiatives, so we are partnering with organizations to create a community center in Winston Salem. People can gather for meetings, display art exhibits, contribute to the community garden, and engage in sustainable learning initiatives.
We are so excited that this project will continue to connect businesses, leaders, and community members across the city.
Donate to a Specific Project or Program
Net Impact Triad has several different community-focused projects, each with individual initiatives. If you would like to choose a specific project to donate to please scroll through and choose the donation button underneath that specific project.

Connecting the Dots

Connecting the Dots will reinvent Sam “The Dot Man” McMillan’s historic home and art gallery into a sustainable community center that features health classes, art exhibits, and a community garden. With this initiative, Net Impact Triad seeks to energize the city by encouraging individuals to connect with each other in sustainable ways. To extend this initiative, NIT will also partner with farms and corporate sponsors to build produce trailers. These produce yields will come from our community gardens, and the trailers will generate income from weekly trips to the local farmers’ market. Each week, we will take the remaining fresh produce to designated food deserts. In this way, the produce trailers will become a recurring, generative, and sustainable food source for those with limited access to healthy options.

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Make a One-time Donation
Through donating fiscally to Net Impact Triad, you are able to support and foster new projects and initiatives. These projects are all community-focused and cannot be completed without your help. 
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