Net Impact Triad focuses on supporting and developing projects that are community focused and environmentally conscious



the dots

Connect the Dots will reinvent Sam “The Dot Man” McMillan’s historic home and art gallery into a sustainable community center that features health classes, art exhibits, and a community garden. With this initiative, Net Impact Triad seeks to energize the city by encouraging individuals to connect with each other in sustainable ways. To extend this initiative, NIT will also partner with farms and corporate sponsors to build produce trailers. These produce yields will come from our community gardens, and the trailers will generate income from weekly trips to the local farmers’ market. Each week, we will take the remaining fresh produce to designated food deserts. In this way, the produce trailers will become a recurring, generative, and sustainable food source for those with limited access to healthy options.

Cup of Sugar

With COVID-19 limiting physical contact, we often do not even know the identity of the person who lives next door, let alone whether they are in need. Net Impact Triad’s “Cup of Sugar” seeks to reconnect individuals with their neighbors by promoting growth within local communities. We hope that by promoting community togetherness, we are encouraging individuals to invest in their neighbors’ wellbeing. The Cup of Sugar initiative will include several community-wide projects, including:

•   “Give a Kid a Bed” (ensuring that all children have a safe place to sleep)

•   “Give the Gift of Health” (distributing health and wellness kits)

•   “Give the Gift of Community” (connecting community members in need with neighbors who can offer the requested services)

Vegetable Picking
Local Coffee Shop

The Road To Success

We will tell their story.

Net Impact will create a“Local Showcase” video template that tells the story of one of the many community champions and their drive to succeed and share their vision


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