Our Mission.

Net Impact Triad seeks to connect businesses, emerging leaders, educational institutions, and nonprofits with the objective of building sustainable community-based projects in Winston Salem.
We believe that businesses can lead local efforts towards a sustainable future, so we facilitate networking and manage long-term projects so that businesses can reach their highest potential of community-facing work.

Current Programs

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Connecting The Dots 

Check out how we are keeping Sam the Dot Man's legacy alive with our Connecting the Dots project. By partnering with key community leaders and organizations, The Dot Man’s Winston-Salem home will become a learning center and sustainable community garden. Net Impact Triad seeks not only to preserve and revitalize The Dot Man’s historic home, but also to provide an employment opportunity and space where individuals in the Winston-Salem community can connect with each other in healthy and sustainable ways. 

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Cup of Sugar

With COVID-19 limiting physical contact, we often do not even know the identity of the person who lives next door, let alone whether they are in need. Net Impact Triad’s “Cup of Sugar” seeks to reconnect individuals with their neighbors by promoting growth within local communities. We hope that by promoting community togetherness, we are not only investing in Winston Salem’s future, but also encouraging individuals to invest in their neighbors’ wellbeing.

Road to Success

In line with Net Impact’s mission of connecting businesses, community members, and corporate sponsors, Net Impact’s “Local Spotlight” initiative will pair corporate sponsors with small businesses who want to use documercials to share their visions for community improvement. Net Impact will find sponsors, pair the corporations with small businesses that create positive change for Winston Salem, create the video templates, and hire local crews. Each sponsorship will be fully customizable to maximize the benefit to both the sponsor and the small business.  


Thank you to our

Community Supporters

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